University of Heidelberg

12th HGSFP Winterschool 2019

University Center Obergurgl 16.01. - 20.01.2019

The HGSFP Winterschool 2019 will be a student-organized five-day winterschool that brings together students from all branches of the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics to facilitate scientific and social exchange among its members. The school is held at the University Center Obergurgl ( right in the middle of the beautiful Austrian Alps. The participants will attend a lecture program that covers all branches of the HGSFP and present their own research to their fellow students during a poster session. In addition, the timetable of the school provides ample opportunities to connect with the lecturers and the other students during both social and sportive activities.
The HGSFP covers the accommodation in shared double/triple rooms, half-board, the bus transfer from Heidelberg to Obergurgl and back as well as the social program for all participants.

Online registration will open during the HGSFP Graduate Days in the Winter term 2018/19.

Lecture Program:

The lectures are distributed over all branches of the HGSFP and are held by active researchers in their respective field. All lectures will be suitable for any physics student at the PhD level including students from different branches.

Martin Gärttner Prospects and Challenges of Quantum Computing
Sebastian Kempf Josephson Junction Based Superconducting Electronics
Sven Sturm Precision Measurements on Highly Charged Ions
Silvia Masciocchi Hot QCD Matter Produced in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
Joao Seco Radiation Biology: Physics at the Forefront of Cancer Therapy
Carlo Ewerz Strongly Coupled Systems and the Applied Physics of Black Holes
Tobias Buck Galaxy Formation in a Nutshell
Til Birnstiel Building Planets - A Journey along 40 Orders of Magnitude
Freya Hemsing Unlocking Changes in Ocean Dynamics

General Talk

Benjamin Reuter From cloud to cloud - How avalanches form

Poster sessions

Beside the lectures, there will be poster sessions on two evenings. Every participant is requested to contribute by presenting her/his work on a poster. The best poster will be awarded the HGSFP poster cup.

Registration and Important Dates

To participate in the winterschool you need to be a member of the HGSFP and register through an online form.
The online registration will be open from 08.10.2018 - 31.10.2018. We will select participants in a transparent and fair fashion across all HGSFP branches. Inclusionary aspects will be considered and priority will be given to first-time participants.

Itinerary of the Winter School

Please note the bus will depart from Heidelberg already in the evening of Tuesday, the 15th of January 2019, such that we arrive in Obergurgl early Wednesday morning. Meeting point is the bus terminal at Bauhaus hardware store in Heidelberg, Kurfürstenanlage 11, Heidelberg. The lectures and the social program will start Wednesday afternoon and conclude around noon on Sunday. We are expected to return to Heidelberg by late Sunday evening, 20th of January.

Organisation Team:

Jeannette Jansen
Ralf Klemt
Akos Kungl
Dominik Lentrodt
Tim Sailer
Martin Schlecker

In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at!