University of Heidelberg

7th HGSFP Winterschool 2014

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University Center Obergurgl 18.1.-22.1.2014

Description: The Winterschool 2014 is a students project of the HGSFP for scientific exchange and professional developement. The scientific program (see below) covers all branches of the HGSFP and focuses on interdisciplinarity. Therefore, every lecture starts with an introductory part, so that also students from other branches can attend. An important part are the poster sessions, where every student is obliged to present his or her recent work and has the opportunity to connect with other members of the HGSFP. The "Forschungszentrum Obergurgl" ( provides lecture and meeting rooms, accomodation, as well as half-board. The scientific program is completed by an introduction to the tasks of the HGSFP, a social event and a unique location next to the alps for group activities. A bus transfer from Heidelberg will be provided.

Please note that the bus will depart from Heidelberg already in the evening of January 17th.

Online registration will be open from 7.10.2013 - 28.10.13.

Included benefits are:

  • Accomodation in shared 2 bed rooms
  • Half board
  • Bus transfer Heidelberg - Obergurgl and back
  • Joint excursion

Scientific Program:

Quantum Dynamics and Complex Quantum Systems

Eva Kuhnle Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases
Christian Ott Time-resolved Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications

Astronomy and Cosmic Physics

Camilla Juul Hansen The Chemical Evolution of the Heavy Elements in the Milky Way
Brent Groves Seeing a Galaxy with Different Eyes: Using Many Telescopes to Understand the Physics of Galaxies

Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology

Christoph Anders Higgs Physics
Alexander Kartavtsev Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe

Environmental Physics

Jens Fohlmeister Past Climates Captured by Isotopes

Complex Classical Systems

Mihai Petrovici Neurons, Networks and the Brain

Mathematical Physics

Timo Weigand String Theory: From 10 to 4 Dimensions in 180 Minutes

General Talk

Wolfgang Müller Phenomenon Ötzi: The Man from the Ice


HGSFP Winterschool 2014 at Forschungszentrum Obergurgl 18.1.-22.1.2014. Mandatory registration within the weeks of 07.10.-28.10.13 followed by drawing of 49 participants (distributed fairly over the branches) with priority for first-time participants.

Please note that the bus will depart from Heidelberg already in the evening of January 17th.


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