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Application for fellowships is now closed

for excellent students in all areas of modern fundamental physics in the following fields and schools in Heidelberg:

We invite applications for doctoral fellowships for excellent students in the current round for the following areas of modern fundamental physics and schools in Heidelberg:

Astronomy and Cosmic Physics, Quantum Dynamics and Complex Quantum Systems, Fundamental Interactions and Cosmology, Mathematical Physics, Environmental Physics and Complex Classical Systems.

In addition to applying for direct admission to the HGSFP and one of its branches, students may apply for the following programmes: (double membership is possible)

Applicants from Africa who indicate a preference for quantum dynamics, and in particular for a topic within the field of experimental foundations and applications of quantum phenomena will be considered for the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) hosted at the HGSFP. For more information, see

All applicants for fellowships have to initiate their application via registration using the web-form provided on this site. Please use the link on the right hand side to start the process.

Please note that you may submit the form at any stage - your data will be saved when you submit the form. You can complete passages or make changes at any stage before the deadline has expired. Note that at this point, your application, including letters of reference, must be complete in order to be considered.

The closing date for applications was June 10, 2019.

Important information for applicants: Each of the above schools takes its decision autonomously! If you apply for multiple schools, a decision from one school has no bearing on the decision from another!