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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for acceptance to the Graduate School of Fundamental Physics are specified here. ... read more.

Admission to the 4+4 programme

Excellent candidates who have completed four years of study in physics can be admitted to the 4+4 programme of the HGSFP, which also culminates in the degree "Dr. rer. nat.". ... read more.

Application and Registration

For students outside of Germany, application to the HGSFP must be made in conjunction with an application for a fellowship. ... read more.
Astronomy and Cosmology


Application for fellowships is now closed ... read more.

Important Dates

An overview of important dates for Applicants to the Graduate School ... read more.

Forms and Information about registration

Important forms for registration at Heidelberg University. ... read more.

Frequently asked questions

Important questions that you may be asking yourself are listed here. ... read more.