Heidelberg University

47th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days - Venue

Conference Office

Foyer, Physikalisches Institut, In Neuenheimer Feld 226

Travel Information

The Physikalisches Institut in Neuenheimer Feld can be reached

  • By train: an up-to-date time table for public transport connection between Heidelberg main station and the institute can be obtained from the VRN Website. Click on "Auskunft und Buchung" and type

    Start : Stadt/Ort : Heidelberg
        Haltestelle : Hauptbahnhof
    Ziel : Stadt/Ort : Heidelberg/Neuenheim
        Haltestelle : Bunsengymnasium

    Then c.f. Plan Neuenheimer Feld below.

  • By motorcar: Starting from the Autobahnkreuz Heidelberg - at the end of the motorway turn left and follow the signs to the zoo (2 elephants) / Universität / Neuenheimer Feld - after crossing the Neckar river, drive straight ahead to the second traffic light, then turn left. (On the right there is a Shell petrol station.) Cross one further traffic light. The Neues Physikalisches Institut is in the third building on the left hand side. There is no public parking next to the building.

Departmental Buildings in Neuenheimer Feld

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Non-resident students looking for a cheap accomodation may prefer to stay in the Youth Hostel (Jugendherberge).

Normal hotel rooms can be booked via many Websites, e.g. via Heidelberger Kongress und Tourismus GmbH. Furthermore, it is possible to rent a holiday flat/room in a private house.

Sightseeing, Tourist Attractions

Heidelberg is one of the favourite destinations in Germany for tourists from all over the world. The English or German Wikipedia pages about Heidelberg are good starting points to plan your visit to the town. Current events and tourist offers can be found e.g. here. There are also several small towns close to Heidelberg which are worth visiting, e.g. Ladenburg and Weinheim.