Heidelberg University


Particle physics from cosmic backgrounds

Tommi Alanne, University of Liverpool
... read more.

Ultracold quantum matter: what can you do with atoms and neutrons

Lauriane Chomaz and Skyler Degenkolb, Heidelberg University ... read more.

Superconductivity from repulsive interactions

Laura Classen, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart ... read more.

Going Beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics

Florian Goertz, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics ... read more.

New trends in calorimetry for particle physics

Lucia Masetti, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ... read more.

The physics and observability of exoplanet atmospheres

Thomas Mikal-Evans, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy ... read more.

The Physics of Entrepreneurship

Sahill Poddar, Parafin, San Francisco ... read more.

Dense strongly interacting matter

Fabian Rennecke, Giessen University ... read more.