Heidelberg University


Quantum Field Theory in Extreme Environments

Kenji Fukushima, The University of Tokyo ... read more.

Solar System Exploration Missions and their Scientific Outcome

Tra-Mi Ho, DLR - Institute of Space Systems, Bremen ... read more.

Basics of ion beam therapy and applications

Gerhard Kraft and Wilma Kraft-Weyrather, GSI Darmstadt ... read more.

Physics with a few atoms, photons and phonons

Manas Mukherjee, National University of Singapore ... read more.

Applications of Group Theory in Physics

Carsten Müller, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf ... read more.

The formation of structure in cosmology

John Peacock, University of Edinburgh ... read more.

The formation of structure in cosmology

Volker Springel, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies ... read more.

Career Opportunities in Consulting and Deep Learning

Engelbert Quack and Hinnerk Gildhoff, SAP SE ... read more.

Machine learning in science and industry

Alex Rogozhnikov and Tatiana Likhomanenko, Yandex, Moscow ... read more.