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38th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days - Programme

The 38th Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days of the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy take place from 10th - 13th April 2017. Participants from other universities are very welcome!


Welcome to the Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days. The courses are open for advanced students, in particular those working on their Diploma, Master's and doctoral theses. Our aim is to offer courses that broaden the physics knowledge of our students as well as to teach specialized techniques.

The Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days take place for the 38th time this spring!

The courses are organised as parallel block lectures, with the morning lectures taking place from 9:30 to 12:30 and the afternoon lectures from 14:00 to 17:00, including coffee breaks. There is also a free lunch each day included in your registration. Note that each course runs every day for four days either in a morning or afternoon slot.

In addition to the courses, there is a special lecture on Monday evening, as well as the Hans Jensen lecture, which will take place on Wednesday. On Monday evening, snacks will be provided and on Wednesday evening, there is a traditional barbecue that is also covered with registration.

To take part in the 38th Grad Days please register yourself here.

The Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days take place im Neuenheimer Feld 226, in the Physikalisches Institut, see details of venue .

To obtain meals, you will receive meal tags on registration at the conference office in the foyer of INF 226.

The programme and these details can be downloaded here:

Programme - Flyer


Hans Jensen Invited Lecture

on Wednesday, 12th April 2017, at 17:30 (s.t.)

Peter Zoller

(University of Innsbruck)


After the Hans Jensen Invited Lecture, we will have the d-fine barbecue!

Regular Course Programme

Morning Courses (Mo-Thu, 9:30 - 12:30)

Peter Schmelcher
(University of Hamburg)
Correlated Quantum Dynamics of Ultracold Few- to Many-Body Systems
Kenji Fukushima
(The University of Tokyo)
Quantum Field Theory in Extreme Environments
Tra-Mi Ho
(DLR - Institute of Space Systems, Bremen),
Angelo Rossi
(Jacobs University Bremen)
Solar System Exploration Missions and their Scientific Outcome
Pablo Soler
(Heidelberg University)
Black Holes and Quantum Gravity Constraints on Field Theories
Samuel Hammer
Heidelberg University)
Greenhouse gases and climate change: insights into the global carbon cycle using isotope studies
Ute Leidig
Heidelberg University)
Analyzing Personal Potential for your Career

Afternoon Courses (Mo-Thu, 14:00 - 17:00)

John Peacock
(University of Edinburgh),
Volker Springel
The formation of structure in cosmology
Manas Mukherjee
(National University of Singapore)
Physics with a few atoms, photons and phonons
Carsten Müller
(Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
Applications of Group Theory in Physics
Gerhard Kraft , Wilma Kraft-Weyrather
(GSI Darmstadt)
Basics of ion beam therapy and applications
Alex Rogozhnikov, Tatiana Likhomanenko
(Yandex, Moscow)
Machine learning in science and industry
Maurits Haverkort
(Heidelberg University)
Introduction to quantum dynamics in atoms, molecules and solids

Additional Lecture

On Monday evening at 17:30 (s.t.), we will have an industry lecture, followed by a general welcome party.

Engelbert Quack and Hinnerk Gildhoff from SAP SE, Walldorf

will give a talk on

Career Opportunities in Consulting and Deep Learning

Student Representatives' Welcome

On Tuesday evening at 17:15 (venue to be announced), we will have our Student Representatives' Welcome. Information about the School and general discussions will take place. Your hosts are the student representatives.